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Working toward the elusive goal of totally shiny perfection since 1998, our chunky and exuberant array of seriously alternative kit and caboodle has been honed over the decades by our total and compulsive obsession to form and  detail. 
Only bang on is good enough for us, and we take genuine pride in the quality of manufacture and finishing on every single piece that we offer.
So every latest addition to our huge selection is the successful result of a proper mission to scour the globe for the best of the best - to only ever offer exactly the same standards that we would demand for ourselves.
Just some of the reasons why a marvellous bunch of regular customers and friends come to see us so often - right here in the York Shambles Market
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Too many piercings?
Well of course that's impossible, so we never stop adding new designs to the massive choice we stock.
Specialising in highly unusual and detailed solid cast 316l Surgical Steel designs for ear cartilage and facial piercings.
Innovative hinged hoops and ornamented bars are now in stock for loads of different body piercings.
Our expert help is always here for you to ensure that you find precisely the correct size and gauge for your favourite new bodily adornment.
We do not sell online because most of our range is totally size specific, and the correct fit is impossible to be sure of on a webpage, via email or guess-timation.
No photograph or online blurb can tell you all you need to know to be totally confident about what you are ordering.
So we choose not to trade online because we always want to know that you are getting exactly the right piece - first time and every time.
Our apologies to those of you fine folk who don't get to visit York very often, and we hope that you will be able to make a trip to see us in the Shambles Market soon.
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What an amazing journey it's been - 
CAMDEN LOCK MARKET  - 1998 to 2017
All starting with a rucksack, a bright idea, and a loan from our dear family.
Camden Lock and its unique community was the vital, life-changing ingredient in the mix, and its precious environment gave us the inspiration for the whole feel of our range and display style - and we are eternally grateful to everyone there.
SHOWS AND EVENTS - various years over the years.....
More true characters and wonderful individuals made our time a pleasure at -
Whitby Goth Weekend, Bulldog Bash, International Custom Motorbike Show, Great British Tattoo Show, Tatcon Tattoo show, and Dubs in't' Dales VW show.
YORK SHAMBLES MARKET - 2017 to the present day and beyond.
So pleased to have found this wonderful place,  its amazing bunch of traders, and to be back in the happily heathen Northlands.....
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