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New loveliness everywhere!

'Tis true - our counter is overflowing with new designs in every single part of our huge range of glistening alternative adornments.

We made the very best use of the long Lockdown months to lovingly tweak and expand our display and selection in every possible way.

Even more sizes, colours and styles are now available for you wonderful folk to peruse, on your next jaunt down to see us on the York Shambles Market.

Sitting pretty on our freshly varnished and trusty handmade wooden display stand (must have been well over a dozen coats on the beloved board since it was first unveiled in Camden Lock Market - way back when in sunny 1998).

So go on, treat yourself to a fresh bit of shiny shiny self-indulgence from our ever growing choice of all that shimmers and sparkles.

You know you wanna........

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