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Offsetting our environmental impact is the only responsible way to go, and we are delighted to have found the YDMT's wonderful tree planting program which allows us to make a real contribution to reducing our carbon footprint.

Splatt and Kchoom have each sponsored the planting of a new tree for every single week this year, and we are proud to know that 104 beautiful trees will thrive in the stunning Yorkshire Dales as a result.

Our regular donations to the YDMT will continue to be a key part of our strategy to achieve true environmental sustainability for our businesses in the future - and we'll keep you posted on our steady progress toward this vital aim.

In the meantime, we wholeheartedly recommend the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust to anyone who wants to reduce their own carbon footprint.

It's really easy to join in and sponsor tree planting in their excellent and well managed scheme.

We used the following webpage -

Donations and tree sponsorship through the YDMT are also simple to make for any individual, and all the links you need can be found via the above page too...

Happy sponsoring, and we wish you every success in your own carbon offsetting.

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