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Post Lockdown life is here to be enjoyed, and a well earned trip to York Shambles Market is bound to do anyone a power of good. Make It York have worked tirelessly with our Market Traders' Group to put everything in place to ensure that the happy times you spend here with us will be safe, and truly worth the trip.

At SPLATT and KCHOOM we are also following these simple steps to protect everyone -

Jewellery should be selected without touching it.

Alcohol free hand sanitiser is provided by us for your use before and after examining your chosen pieces.

We will then safely pass you your selected jewellery.

Try them on, or check them out as normal.

Then return them to us for thorough cleaning.

We accept contactless card payments, and we strongly recommend this payment method.

If you have any other questions about Covid-19 readiness, please do email us for more info.....

It will be lovely to see you in the Market soon.

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